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View our list of technology we offer:

Video Otoscopy
Some pets with chronic ear infections may benefit from deep ear flush and bulla flush, under anesthesia. However, not all pets with chronic ear infections are a good candidate for such procedure.

Diagnostic Imaging Digital X-Ray

We are proud to be one of the few veterinary practices in the Tri-Valley to have state of the art digital X-ray. This allows us to obtain images much faster than traditional X-ray methods, plus it produces better-quality images and is extremely safe. Because the images are digital we are able to e-mail them for referrals and specialty evaluation as well as share the images with you in the exam rooms when discussing the care of your pet.

Our Veterinary Digital X-Ray System: Image-Vet 70Plus

In a study conducted at the University of California, Davis (AM J Vet Res 1998, 59, pgs. 686-691 and 692-695) where all dogs and cats presented for routine dental cleanings were radiographed, significant lesions requiring therapy were uncovered in a majority of the cases. Currently, less than 10% of veterinary practices use dental radiology. As with our own mouths, dental radiographs are a key tool in accurately diagnosing and treating potentially painful, disease causing problems in your pet’s mouth.

We are proud to offer this valuable service for our patients.

IDEXX LaserCyte® Hematology Analyzer
The first in-house hematology analyzer to deliver a CBC with a true 5-part differential and absolute reticulocytes using laser-flow cytometry. This is the most accurate CBC instrumentation available today and represents “State-of-the-Art” technology.

IDEXX Catalyst Chemistry Analyzer

The Idexx Catalyst Chemistry Analyzer allows us to provide a full range of blood analysis capabilities in our hospital. It is the latest, most state-of-the-art blood chemistry analyzer available. Detailed results are ready in just minutes. This means a rapid and accurate diagnosis and treatment for your pet.

  • Rapid response to patient needs
  • Accurate test results in six minutes
  • Species-specific

Vet-Dop Animal Ultrasound Doppler Blood Pressure System

The Vet-Dop is designed to screen for hypertension, to check blood pressure in surgery, to monitor peripheral profusion in surgery. The non-invasive Doppler technique is the method of choice for measuring blood pressure in animals weighing less than 15 pounds, especially cats. Other methods, including monitors that use the oscillometric technique, are not capable of detecting the smaller vessels with accurate results. The Vet-Dop also works well on larger breeds. The Vet-Dop is the Doppler of choice and preferred by experts in the field of veterinary blood pressure measurement.